Surface Hub 2 From Microsoft Was Announced


Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 Was Announced

A second version of the Surface Hub was announced by Microsoft. Chances are you must have forgotten it ever existed before. Although a lot of companies are using Surface Hub in the businesses, most of us probably do not remember it.

surface hub 2

What Is The Surface Hub

The Surface Hub was an expensive digital whiteboard that could handle anything, from video conferences to document collaboration. That is why most companies use Surface Hub. Microsoft says there are 5000 companies using it including Hall of Fortune 100 companies.

The Surface Hub 2

It is not clear how many Surface Hubs were bought by companies. It probably made an impact on Microsoft that is why they developed the second version. The Surface Hub 2 is still a gigantic touchscreen-enabled display. It supports the Surface Pen and runs on Windows 10.

Its bezels have been drastically reduced by Microsoft, as compared to the previous version. Today, it looks like a modern television with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The main device does not have a video camera now. You need to plug a webcam above the display to start a video conference.

The most interesting part of the Surface Hub 2 is the concept video. It is a device with fluid use cases. It can be hooked on a wall, placed on a rolling stand, or you can create a wall of Surface Hubs.

Login may be done with the use of the fingerprint sensor. This way, you can have access to data, documents, and even accept calls using your account.

For The Office Of The Future

Since the Surface Hub is used by most companies, its second version was designed for the office of the future. It will use a 50.5-inch display with a greater the 4K resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio with extremely thin bezels.

This giant display now rotates to a portrait position. The new portrait orientation allows the Surface Hub 2 to rotate into place. This is made possible with the use of a clever mechanism that looks similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book muscle wire lock. It is designed to be lightweight so workers can move ith throughout an office.

It’s Release Date

Microsoft is not releasing any specifications about Surface Hub 2. Even its release date and pricing is not available yet. But the new device will be available in 2019.