Perfect Phone For A Minimalist Not Yet Available


Not Yet Available At Present: Perfect Phone For A Minimalist

The perfect minimalist’s phone is not yet available. For most of us, our phones are the first things we usually reach out for when we wake up. They are also the last things we look at before going to sleep. We often reach out for our phones, reflexively, for no reason at all.

Our phones do too much for us, to make our lives easier. They give us access to applications on the internet and may at times leave us distracted, overwhelmed, and maybe even depressed.

Some of us try to make some changes when it comes to using our phones. These changes are supposed to make them use their phones less often. But these phones are designed to keep us endlessly preoccupied and forever yearn for our next likes, comments, and posts. But if our behaviors cannot be changed, then maybe we can change our devices.

The Minimalist’s Phone

If you are looking for a specific phone perfect for a minimalist, your search will disappoint you. The said phone is not available as of now. But there are options, though. If you want to curb your behavior of relying on your phone and automatically reaches out for it often, then consider changing phones. Choose a phone with limited functions and features. The less features and functions your phone has, the less you will be using it.

Remember those days when our phones were just simple? No applications, no access to the internet, those kinds of phones. Its basic function was just for text messaging and making calls, plus some built-in games. But our needs were less complicated then.

Suggested Phones For Minimalists

As stated, there is no perfect phone for minimalists yet. But if you are a minimalist, maybe you should try out these phones:

-The Unihertz Jelly – The makers of the Jelly, Unihertz, call the phone “Impossibly small. Amazingly cute. Totally functional.” The Jelly is just over 3-1/2 inches long. It can fit in the palm of your hand. It runs Android 7.0, has a Quad Core 1.1GHz processor, and features both rear and front-facing cameras. But you might not like the images you see with just 8 and 12 megapixels. It runs on 4G network and supports dual SIM cards. It has a 2.5 inch fully functional touchscreen.

-Nokia 3310 3G – This phone was brought back by Nokia in 2017. It has a 2 megapixel camera in the back, runs Nokia’s proprietary OS, and has a respectable battery life – an estimated 6.5 hours of talk and an estimated 650 hours of standby life.


Other Phone Suggestions

-Punkt MP01 – you should try out this phone if you are looking for an intentional minimalist phone experience. MP01 has “no app icons, animations, or special effects vying for your attention”. According to Punkt, it is “everything you need, nothing you don’t”.

-Light Phone – This phone represents the epitome of the minimalist phone trend. It is a business card-sized phone that you can use independently on 2G network ot tether to your smartphone. The Light Phone has muted OLED display. It can display your call logs, but not much more than that.

Finding a perfect minimalist’s phone may not be possible, since it is not yet available. But who knows? Maybe one will be available in the future. with the pace technology is going, it may be soon.