Avid fans of the NES Classic Edition have something to celebrate about. This comes after Nintendo has finally announced the date for the re-release of the company’s NES Classic Edition.


Check the list of NES Classic Games


It can be recalled that back in 2016, the popular Nintendo console was sold out immediately when Nintendo debut the console in November 2016. This time, the NES Classic Edition is expected to be at the store shelves on June 29.



This means that you can actually expect also Nintendo in bringing in the SNES Classic Edition which will be available through the end of the year. Apart from this, Nintendo is planning to include 20 NES games.


These 20 NES games have updated multiplayer features as part of its online subscription service for the Switch, and these are set to launch this September.


And if you are unaware, the NES Classic is expected to feature 30 built-in games, which cover a broad range of the console’s history, including:

• Balloon Fight
• Bubble Bobble
• Castlevania
• Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
• Donkey Kong
• Donkey Kong Jr.
• Double Dragon II: The Revenge
• Dr. Mario
• Excitebike
• Final Fantasy
• Galaga
• Ghosts’N Goblins
• Gradius
• Ice Climber
• Kid Icarus
• Kirby’s Adventure
• Mario Bros.
• Mega Man 2
• Metroid
• Ninja Gaiden
• Pac-Man
• Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
• StarTropics
• Super C
• Super Mario Bros.
• Super Mario Bros. 2
• Super Mario Bros. 3
• Tecmo Bowl
• The Legend of Zelda
• Zelda II: The Adventure of Link