Motorola May Release A Folding Smartphone That Turns Into A Tablet

Motorola Foldable Phone
(Image Credit: LetsGoDigital) A colored illustration of Motorola's patent

Motorola was recently awarded a patent for its own folding smartphone.

Motorola Folding Smartphone
(Image Credit: LetsGoDigital) A coloured illustration of Motorola’s patent

Curved screens? Old news. No-bezel phones? Meh. Foldable phones? Now we’re talking. Motorola is jumping in the bandwagon and got itself a patent for a folding smartphone.

Tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Huawei are reportedly working on their own foldable handsets. And it seems like the Lenovo-owned company is willing to join the pack.

In a report by LetsGoDigital, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has approved a patent for Motorola for a foldable phone. And this one comes with a wireless charging cover.

The design shows a wide rectangular display. When folded, it appears to give a smartphone-like experience. When it is unfolded, it converts into a something that works like a tablet. The illustration shows a flexible screen wrapped around a hinge.

Additionally, the patent also shows a s built-in cover to protect the display or to support the phone as a stand. It may also work as a wireless charger.

What’s surprising is that the patent was actually filed two years ago. It is possible that the company has moved past this design concept. Earlier this year however, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing had hinted it will be focussing on foldable smartphone technology in the coming months. This means that patent approval may is just in time for Motorola to really explore the folding smartphone industry.