Instagram Launches In-App Payment Feature For Commerce

Photo-sharing app Instagram has rolled out a new payment feature this week. The Facebook-owned platform now is capable of supporting in-app payments. The new payment feature has earlier introduced both to Whatsapp and Messenger.


Instagram rolls out payment feature


With the new payment feature, Instagram users could now use the app to shop directly from within the app. This is not the first time that Instagram was rumored to roll out such feature. Prior to its roll out, there have been reports surfaced online confirming the release of the payment features.



(Credit: 9toMac)

If you are an Instagram user based in the US and the UK, you can take advantage of this feature as its only available in both countries. The photo-sharing app’s new feature would soon be released globally. This feature, according to tech users, works similarly with Snapchat’s Snapchash feature, wherein the users of the app can shop for items without leaving the app.


In addition, the app’s new feature also allows the users store their payment source, This includes their debit and credit card information within the app to directly make purchases from within the Instagram app. But this type of feature is only restricted to a few users and a few partners prior to its global rollout.

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