Are Students Asleep During Class? Use Facial Recognition To Know


Use Facial Recognition To Know If Students Are Asleep During Class

Some schools in China use facial recognition cameras to know if students are sleeping during class. The Chinese are investing heavily in facial recognition, ignoring privacy concerns. Because of this, students must make sure that they are attentive in class.

The Facial Recognition Cameras

Zhejiang Hangzou No. 11 High School installed facial recognition cameras to monitor if their students are listening or dozing off during class hours. The school calls the camera “an insightful eye” and “teaching assistant”.

facial recognition

It feeds data to a “Smart Classroom Behavior Management System” which records student behaviors. These records are based on students’ facial expressions, whether they are happy, bored, focused, or sleeping.

The cameras are there not just for the students. Another reason for its installation is for the monitoring of the teachers also. Because of these cameras, the teachers are improving their ways and styles of teaching to be more effective.

Privacy And Ethical Concerns

Some students complain that it seems as if there is always a “pair of mystery eyes” looking at you ever since these cameras were installed. This is not surprising. Using the system has raised privacy and ethical concerns.

The school, on the other hand, maintains that they are only gathering patterns and studying student behaviors. And that they do not keep any video recording of the classes.

Other Scenarios Using Facial Recognition

This is not the first time that schools have tried high-tech solutions. Facial recognition has been used in cafeterias. Students order and pay for their meals and snacks by having their faces scanned for facial recognition. They can also borrow books from the school’s library using facial recognition. Vending machines also function and operate through facial recognition.

Some eyebrows may raise because of this technique that the school is using to make their students more attentive. Any other form of technology may have some bad effects one way or another. Let us just use these products of technology properly and put them to good use.

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