Game developer Bungie has reportedly disable on live servers an exotic sidearm of Destiny 2: Warmind. Bungie is referring to Rat King, one of the game’s newly updated exotics. To date, there’s no specific details as to how the exploit is used.


Bungie disables Destiny 2’s ‘Rat King’



But avid players of the game have been reportedly able to glitch their magazines to hold more ammunitions. It was found out that Rat King is the main culprit of the glitch and consequently, it was disabled. This means that players, for the time being, could not equip themselves with the sidearm.


Bungie has announced the disabling of Rat King via Twitter this week.



The developer’s move to disable Rat King has triggered some peculiar questions. These questions are related to Bungie’s seemingly newfound ability to disable problematic guns on the fly. The Rat King’s scenario was actually similar to Destiny 2’s first expansion called Curse of Osiris.


When Bungie launched Curse of Osiris, the game’s Prometheus Lens, an exotic trace rifle was also glitched. The bug that was spotted has caused to deal far too much damage in PvP. It led to Xur selling the gun that week so that the Crucible could be a laser show while Bungie worked on to fix the bug.