Buy Movie Tickets With Google Assistant


Movie Tickets May Be Bought By Google Assistant

Google Assistant may be used when you buy movie tickets. It integrates with Fandango to let you easily buy movie tickets. Google Assistant is the most used virtual assistants available. Its latest feature is being able to buy these tickets quickly.

The Google Assistant

Google Assistant has become a pretty handy tool in our daily lives. It was first introduced to us with the first generation Google Pixel all the way back in 2016. Google Assistant was developed with more features and services, since then. It has also been available on more Android smartphones. Google Assistant is the most used virtual assistant. But it still falls behind Amazon Alexa in terms of market share.

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Buy Movie Tickets With Google Assistant

Alexa has a Fandango skill to help you buy movie tickets. Now Google Assistant is catching up by offering Fandango integration as well. Google Assistant users are now able to use Fandango to quickly buy the tickets.

To Use this newest Google Assistant skill, simply ask it for showtimes for your favorite movie, and it will then ask you for your preferred one. The assistant then allows you to get the tickets, if you wish to do so, using Fandango,s services. If you already have a movie and certain time in mind, you can simply say “Hey Google, get me tickets for [X] movie.” You can even select your seats for those cinemas which require reserved seating.

Always remember, however, that this feature is probably only working in the US and other countries supported by Fandango. But if you are in a supported region, and you are interested in using the service, then update the Google app. Fire up Assistant to ask it for some showtimes.

Other Companies That Provide Movie Ticket Booking Facilities

Aside from Alexa, there are other companies which provide ticket bookings for movies. At present, BookMyShow, and Paytm are the companies which provide this service. Since Google Assistant may also be added to the list now, moviegoers will have another option for booking movie tickets. The Fandango app is also available on Apple’s Siri.

Movies And Google Assistant

Earlier, Google Assistant had launched payment option in its app. The company announced the launch of this feature for movie fans on May 4. This app is not only for booking tickets. It will also provide you with more information about films. All the information you want to know about movies will be provided by Google Assistant.

This feature works on mobile phones that are Google Assistant enabled. Google Assistant is available on a wide range of handsets, not only to Google-built devices like Google Home or the latest Pixel phones. It is available on high-end products as well as budget models.

Avoid the hassle and stress that long lines may give you at movie houses. Let Google Assistant buy your tickets for you.