Facebook Adds Save Videos and Photos, Audio Posts Feature to Stories

Facebook Stories

Facebook has upgraded its Stories experience by adding a dedicated Save Photos and Videos feature as well as audio posts.

Facebook Stories

Facebook just announced three new features to its Facebook Stories. All three will be initially available in India before rolling out globally shortly thereafter.

Photos and videos captured through Facebook Camera can soon be saved privately to users’ account. According to the company, it helps address the issue of having limited space on their devices.

In a select video conference in New Delhi, Director of Product Management Connor Hayes explains the feature further. “The feature will allow you to save the photos and videos that you’ve captured through your Facebook Camera to a separate space from the rest of your shared photos so that other people can’t see them.”

“This is going to be an option for people to save the photos that they might want to share later as well.”

The second feature that Facebook added is the ability to share voice posts to their Stories. It can be posted as a combined audio with a coloured background or photo. Recording the audio works similarly to sending voice messages in the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp.

“The important thing that we’ve learnt from WhatsApp is that voice messaging is an increasingly popular way for people to communicate when they don’t want to type up messages.”

According to the company, this will also be useful for people who has difficulty in typing out messages. Some people have keyboards that aren’t in their native languages so this can be a helpful tool.

Finally, users will soon be able to archive their posted Stories. Currently, Stories disappear after 24 hours from posting. After the 24-hour window, users can now choose to re-share or re-post them on the social network as long as they are archived.