Game developer ConcernedApe has recently announced that Stardew Valley’s 1.3 version is now in beta. This means that Stardew Valley is closer to become a multiplayer game. The game’s new version would now avid PC players to opt-in for them to try a co-op play.


Stardew Valley Beta is now on PC


For players who want to try the Stardew Valley multiplayer, you can perform the following procedures to enjoy playing the game. To activate the game’s beta, you need only to click the game in the library and choose the game’s properties.


After selecting, the Beta tab is now visible, and you need a key in the password “jumpingjunimos” and afterwards, click the Check Code button. If done successfully, you can now select Beta in the drop-down box. The system would prompt you to download the game’s 1.3 version.


However, the game developer has advised the players to backup the game first before downloading. ConcernedApe also advised the players to read the instructions on Steam.



With the game’s multiplayer, you can actually host your own farm. What’s great with the game’s beta version is the feature that your friends could live on your farm. A maximum of three friends are allowed to live, and you can build a cabin for them or use pre-created cabins.



Apart from this, you can also share money, farm, and other world updates while making an inventory or skills. In fact, you can select your friends from your Steam/GOG list for them to them and live in your farm.



Meanwhile, ConcernedApe has also hinted some minor details about multiplayer. For example, you could actually marry another player. Also, there would be new contents expected to come in the game’s single-player game.