Windows Phones are Missed by Users


Why We Miss Windows Phones

Windows phones are missed one way or another. Windows phone is one of the gadgets developed by Microsoft.

Windows phones

What Happened To The Windows Phones

It took several years for Microsoft to admit that Windows phone is dead. Microsoft’s mobile platform was being left behind. Its users found it hard to gain access to the apps that everyone else was using. And the company did not have any plans of releasing new hardware running its OS features or update it with any features.

The Beginnings Of Windows Phones

The Windows phone had its debut in 2010, with Microsoft’s Metro Design philosophy. Its focus was on glancing at your phone information, instead of digging in and out of apps. Two obvious features why we miss Windows Metro design phone are its Live Tiles and dark mode. After nearly 8 years that Windows phone introduced it, Android and iOS still do not have system-wide dark modes. Google gave up on it and recently shut down the dream of that happening outside Pixel 2.

Live Tiles

The Live Tiles are one of Windows phone’s unique features. They enable apps to show information on the home screen. This is similar to the widgets found on iOS and Android. All you have to do is to pin anything useful to the home screen. Live Tiles animated beautifully to flip over and provides whatever information that made your phone feel more personal and alive.

Other Features Of The Windows Phone

One of the neat features of the Windows phone is its software keyboard. It is still considered as far better than the defaults on Android and iOS. Microsoft has developed features on their Windows phone which still hasn’t found its way to Androids and iOS. Features like: Dedication search button; Browse address bar; Kid’s Corner; People hub; and Unified messaging.

These are features unique on Microsoft’s Windows phone. Precisely the reason why those who have used a Windows phone once in their life miss it today.

Despite of advances in technology, some people still long for the “classic” things. Those things which were simpler, uncomplicated to use. But sad to say, in reality, they tend to be left behind and later be disposed of. But we still have our memories of those gadgets of long ago though.