Transform iPhone Pictures with Extra Lens


Using Extra Lens To Transform iPhone Pictures

Extra lens may be used to transform your iPhone pictures. Your iPhone can do a lot more, not just transform pictures. A few years ago, the film Tangerine was shot using an iPhone 5s. And take note, the iPhone was not used on parts of the film but on the entire film. And the result was good. Steven Sodenbergh also used his iPhone 7 plus in making Unsane.

Cameras In Our Pockets

A lot of us may not know it, but movie makers use cameras which can be found in our pockets. Yes, you read it right, “In our pockets”. And it is commonly known to us as our smartphones.

Professional film makers are using these gadgets to make an entire film. Imagine what we can do with our smartphones if we only knew how to use it.


The “Set-up”

To “set-up” your phone for video or film-making, there are some things you will need. You will need some add-on lenses, of course. Then a microphone, and a stabilizer.

You have to be careful in choosing your add-on lenses. It should fit your phone’s existing lens properly. This will provide a different field of view and potentially even better image quality.

One add-on lens with this particular quality is the one made by Moment. Their products are considered to be the best. But Moment lenses are expensive. It costs $90 to $100.

Cheaper Lenses

Most of us cannot afford Moment’s expensive lenses, then you have other options. You can check-out Amazon. There are a lot of cheap lenses from no-name companies on Amazon.

Differences In Quality

Of course there are differences in image quality. The output of your “project” will depend on what kind of add-on lenses you use. It is a known fact that the more expensive the gadgets an accessories you use, the better the quality of the product.

Another addition to our knowledge, that even your ordinary smartphones can be used to make quality films, videos, and photos. But of course you need to be properly informed. You need the knowledge on what to do to be able to operate these gadgets properly and come up with a satisfying product.