Kazumi Live Streams for PUBG’s New Map Savage


Kazumi Live Streams For PUBG’s Savage

Kazumi live streams for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. She is a Filipina based in Japan. She is a streamer and has over eleven million viewers. Her stream shows how PUBG is played. It will occur at April 4 to April 5, 2018 Philippine time.

Kazumi live

How To Be In The Game

Kazumi’s stream shows us how to start the game and be part of it. First you need to recruit players for your team. You send them invites and if they accept, they become part of your team. But everybody should agree with who should be on the team or not. This way your team will be able to play well if they are comfortable with each other.

How To Play The Game

Just like any other games were you play as a team, you need to have rapport with each other. This game can be played with players who are even far from each other. And they can chat while playing. So communication lines are open between team mates. You need to have strategy when you play PUBG. Players cannot just charge and attack and go on a shooting spree. This calls for intelligent planning. That is why teamwork is very, very important.

Playing hero is out of the question. In order to accomplish your goal, the whole team need to be on the lookout for each other, help team members when they need it.

Kazumi’s stream showed one player who seemed to be wanting attention. He was talking nonsense throughout the game. This attitude distracts other players. This game needs concentration and keen observation. So how can your team mates concentrate if you keep on chattering nonsense. Because of that nonsense player, his team mates’ concentration was distracted thus ending their game.

One more thing. The nonsense player was telling the team that he was leaving in the height of a gun battle. His reason for leaving was that he does not have enough time. A word of advice to players. If you think you cannot be on the game for a “long” time then probably you should not be in it. It will just jeopardize tour team’s game. And if you cannot cooperate and work with your team mates as a team, maybe you should try a game which does not require a team effort. Find a game where you can play solo.

So there. Checkout and try PUBG’s new map called “Savage” and have fun.