The Walking Dead Became Predictable


Predictability In The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has become very predictable. That is according to its viewers. AMC’s The Walking Dead has now been famous for killing its characters. In its six seasons, a lot of its characters have met their untimely deaths. Some from unfortunate causes like zombie bites, and others in the hands of fellow survivors.

The Walking Dead is a show which is not known for happy endings and long lives. In this show, viewers need to accept the fact that their favorite characters could very likely meet their end. And with death playing a prominent role on the show, viewers can predict which character will die and which will not.

Viewers’ Predictions

Viewers predict as to what will become of the characters of the show. Fans even make these predictions a joke among themselves. Characters like Rick and Daryl are among those that will never die. This is because they are able to wiggle their way out of any situation regardless how difficult and dire it may be. They seem to be invincible. But characters with not so prominent roles are disposable. These characters are not expected to stay long in the show. This treatment on disposable characters has intensified as the show goes on.

The walking dead

Social Impact Of The Show

The Walking Dead is not only a zombie show. Neither is it only bent on killing its characters. It also touches on the social aspect of society. For example, the show featured the LGBT community. Only a few of its characters are LGBT, and only one plays a major role. But still it implies that the show does not discriminate.

Viewers’ Observations

One thing observed by the viewers is that the connection of other characters with Daryl Dixon. According to viewers, it seems like whenever a character becomes connected or goes near the character of Daryl, they die. Daryl Dixon appears to be a jinx to other characters, since they just fall and die right before your eyes. If viewers can only advice the characters of the show, first on the list would be “Stay away from Daryl Dixon” or “Daryl Dixon is toxic”. This may be one of the jokes the fans may be sharing.

Still, despite of the fact that Walking Dead is predictable and to some has become boring, still fans cannot stop but still stay glued to the show. Predictable or not, boring or otherwise, enjoy watching the Walking Dead.