Spotify May Offer Better Services to Its Free Mobile Users

Spotify App

Spotify is reportedly planning to revamp its free mobile service offer in a bid to attract more users.

Spotify App
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Ever since Spotify has gone public last week, a lot of interest has gone to guessing what will be their next moves. And with the upcoming big event on the 24th of April, more and more rumours are coming out.

A report from Bloomberg claims that the company is developing a new version of its free music service.

According to an unnamed source, Spotify wants to make the free service easier to use especially on mobile. The revamp would hopefully make it easier to access playlists and a better control on what songs to listen to.

Currently, non-paying subscribers on mobile can only listen to songs on shuffle mode when they pick a playlist. Additionally, non-paying users can only skip tracks up to six times during each hour of use.

This move only makes sense as investors put value on the company based on user growth. Better free services would attract more new users which the company can then hopefully convert to paying subscribers. Currently, the music streaming app has 71 million paying subscribers from its total of 157 million subscribers.

The source did not elaborate on any other detail including the exact release date. However, an announcement is reportedly expected in the “next coming weeks”.