Snapchat Introduces Group Video Chat and Mentions

Snapchat brings group video calling to its app
(Credit: Snapchat)

Snapchat brings group video calls and allows friend tagging on Stories.

Snapchat brings group video calling to its app
(Credit: Snap)

Snapchat is introducing two new features this week, including the ability to make group video calls and a “Mentions” feature which allows tagging in their Stories.

The Mentions feature was first reported last month by TechCrunch and was confirmed by Snapchat to be in the testing phase. On Tuesday, Snapchat made this announcement public on its website.

Instagram has famously ripped-off the Stories feature from Snapchat. Now the latter is doing the same by adding the Mentions feature.

To tag friends, all you have to do is type “@” and spell out the username of person. The person tagged will be notified of the mention. Those who see the tagged snap will also be able to swipe up and watch any public stories that the person has posted.

The new group video feature allows up to 16 users in one call at a time. They can also opt to use the group voice call which allows up to 32 users. Of course, the video calls will include support of the filters that initially made Snapchat appealing to the public.

Both features will begin rolling out globally this week.

Snap has definitely been busy in its effort to attract and keep more users to its platform. Over the past few months, it has introduced several new features including Map Explore and Giphy integration. Deluxe Bitmoji customisaiton and custom face lenses were added as well.