Mute Feature for Instagram is Possible Plus other Few Features


Possibility Of Mute Feature For Instagram Plus More

The Mute feature for Instagram is possible and it is cool. There are instances wherein you would love to mute somebody’s story in Instagram. But the only thing you can do is to unfollow that somebody if you get irritated by the stories they post. Well, do not despair. Instagram will have Mute feature now.

What Can The Mute Feature Do

The autoplay functionality may not be that cool. But having a Mute feature is okay. By muting other people’s posts, it also turns off the autoplay feature for that particular post. You will then have the option to decide when to play it. You can choose when and what time you want to watch the Story.

Mute feature

So whether you are avoiding an obsessed fan, or you just simply do not want to watch your ex’s Insta Story post, you can choose to abstain from watching it. You can then decide when to watch it, if you are ready for your username to appear on the viewers list. And it only takes a couple of clicks.

How To use The Mute Feature

Here are the steps on how you can take advantage of Instagram’s Mute feature:

• Find the person’s profile picture in the Stories Bar. Swipe through the Stories bar until you find the account in question.
• Long press on the profile in question to bring out the options.
• Select “Mute Story”. Once you have muted someone’s Instagram Story, the ir icon will appear at the end of the stories bar as greyed out. You can still watch that person’s story anytime. But it will not autoplay with the rest of the stories in the Stories bar.
• Repeat the same process to un-mute the stories. Long press on the muted Stories you would like to bring back into the main section of your stories bar.

This is a welcome development for those who have long been enduring the annoying posts of friends. Unfollowing them is out of the question as it might ruin your friendship. All you have to do is to mute them temporarily. You can watch their Story later when you feel up to it.