Movie Time : Train to Busan 2 Rumors


Rumors Of A Train To Busan 2 Movie

There are rumors that Train To Busan 2 will soon be released. The big hit that Train To Busan was when it was released was a big surprise. However, the movie did become a big hit and will have a comeback through a sequel. Although there are rumors that actor Gong Yoo will be replaced, it is said that he must return as his character in Train To Busan.

The Cast

It is almost confirmed that Gong Yoo will return as part of the cast. It was rumored that he will be replaced or that his character will be scrapped off altogether. But it is now definite that Gong Yoo will return as the lead role in “Train To Busan 2”.
Since in the movie Train To Busan, Gong Yoo’s character Seok Woo was turned into a zombie. So it is safe to conclude that he will be coming back as a zombie in Train To Busan 2.


The Storyline

The movie will probably revolve around Seok Woo, Gong Yoo’s character. It’s storyline may be about bringing the dead back to life by discovering a cure for the growing zombie dominance. Once a cure is discovered, all the zombies will be turned back to normal human beings. They will then be reconciled with their families. Of course reconciliation will be full of drama especially with Seok Woo and his daughter. This is the most obvious storyline.

But for now, all we have to do is guess as to what the plot of the movie will be. All we can do now is to wait until the movie is released. Let us just wait and let our excitement and anticipation grow. Hopefully the movie is worth waiting for.

Its Release

Train To Busan 2 started filming at the end of 2017. It is anticipated that its release will probably be at the end of 2018. So let us wish that there will be no hitches and that the project will go smoothly. If so, hopefully there will be no delays in the filming so it will be released on the anticipated date. With the big hit that was Train To Busan, its sequel, Train To Busan 2 must live up to the expectations of the excited movie fans.