Arena of Valor New Update Released


Arena Of Valor Updates : Version 13

Arena Of Valor has released its new updates. The new updates on Arena of Valor’s Version 13 comes with new features.

Arena of valor

Guild Wars

This is the product of developers putting their heads together to come up with a better guild feature to give a sense of pride to players. This new feature is called Guild War. It is a server-wide in-game online tournament. This is open to all players who are part of any guild.

Joining a guild war is easy. Players only need to be part of a guild and gather other members to form a squad. They will then battle with other squads from other guilds. Joining the Guild War will earn yourselves exclusive rewards.

The Roulette Wheel

This is a new rewarding feature. This was designed to show appreciation to loyal active users. You need to log in to win the prizes from the wheel of fortune during the event period. With proper event configuration, you will receive extra draw chances at certain time of the day.

Sword Of Justice Remodel

“The courageous is undaunted by war”. Arthur is looking sharper than ever with the debut of the new Arthur hero model and ambience effects.

The New Invitation System

New users can now be invited to the arena. You will have to send an invitation code through this system. You can also receive exclusive gifts when you do this. Each player has a unique 6-digit invitation code. This code may be obtained from the player’s profile. Invite new users to join AOV then inform them to fill in the invitation code. The more player you invite and the higher the rank and level your friends reach, the more rewards you get.

Control Optimization

The optimization of controls will enable the players to enjoy the highest comfort and quality for all gameplay players.

The AOV Expre5ss Installer

Added in the pack is the lite version of the AOV installer. Players need only to download 100MB then play the game instantly. A progress indicator will be shown in the game lobby. When the progress reaches 100%, players will get free exclusive gifts.

So Check out the latest updates from Arena of Valor Version 13. These updates were developed to make your gaming experience a pleasurable one.