Xbox One players who have Xbox Live Gold Free Plays Days have something to cheer about. This comes after software giant Microsoft announced that PUBG is coming to Xbox One. Xbox One players could play the game for free on April 19 to 22.


PUBG is coming on Xbox One


Fans of the popular PUBG game would get to enjoy the game’s solo, duo and squad modes. If you are a player, you would certainly enjoy earning the game’s battle points on the weekend for free. Now, what’s good about this Xbox Game Preview is that the points you earned could be forwarded should in case you want to buy the game outright.




And if you are Xbox One players, you can look for the game under the Xbox Live Dashboard. You need only to select the Gold Member as Gold membership requirement is pre-requisite. PUBG is available from [12:01] AM PT on April 19 and [11:59] PM on April 22.



Apart from this, the software giant is also planning to release a new DLC via the PUBG5 Pack. The game’s DLC could be bought for only $7 which includes a new hat, a long-sleeved shirt, cuffed jeans, and hi-top boots. Microsoft said that the game’s DLC content are only cosmetic items.


PUBG5 pack


Meanwhile, the game will have a new map called Miramar, and it is expected to arrive in Xbox One come May this year.