Software giant Microsoft is poised to release the April update for Windows 10. The operation system’s update brought several features for Windows timeline, Microsoft Edge, among others.


What to expect with Microsoft’s April update?


Microsoft’s Windows update is slated to be released this month. Now, the software giant has finally confirmed that such update will be called the April update. This is contrary to earlier reports that Microsoft’s Windows update will be called as Spring update.


A quick check of the upgraded Microsoft Edge browser update, the build 17134, hinted that such update would be known as April update. With the soon to be released update, this begs the question what are the features that users could expect to Windows 10?

Microsoft said that the upgraded Windows 10 update now allows users to resume their previous activities. This means that you can actually work seamlessly while taking a break. A feature embedded in the OS allows you to select your previous task. In fact, you can also jump to another task by scrolling between windows.


Regarding sharing files, another Windows 10 feature is that it allows you easily and conveniently share to nearby devices. This feature is actually a Windows to Windows sharing system, which is quite similar to Apple’s Airdrop. Also, the software giant has rebuilt the game bar. The Game bar now has a classy, user-friendly design user interface which is convenient for Windows users.


Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Cortana will be upgraded with a feature that could be invoked through a new organizer interfaced and My Skills tab. The company added that Microsoft’s April update would take only 30 minutes to although users might as well confronted with delays.