Despite the popularity of the God of War, avid fans of the game were confronted of one technical problem: that is the game’s text is too small.


This glaring problem has been raised by gamers in the past even if the game is the highest-rated new PS4 game. The game’s small text has caused the players to struggle. Fortunately, God of War’s developer has finally responded on the issue.


Game developer Santa Monica Studio has recently released a new game patch to fix the problem. However, the new patch did not fully resolve the problem, according to gaming enthusiasts.


Santa Monica Studio released Patch 1.12, and if you are player, you can easily notice that a slider was added to increase the text size. The slider can be accessed through Accessibility menu in the game’s settings.


But still, gamers complained that the text is not bigger even with the presence of the slider. Although there has been a slight improvement the update brings, it failed, however, to solve the issue at hand. A quick check of the screenshots below as captured by Kotaku revealed that the slider did not make any significant difference.


Kotaku compared the slider at a minimum against as screenshot of the slider at maximum. Now, if you are a player and using below the standards of a 4K TV or perhaps smaller TV, the text is extremely difficult to read.




Photo by: Kotaku



Photo by: Kotaku

Despite this, God of War fans is still hoping that the developer would address the issue. As of this posting, no pronouncements yet made. The game was exclusively launched last Friday for PS4 and make sure that you already downloaded this game.