LG is slated to publicly release in three weeks time its upcoming flagship, the LG G7 ThinQ. According to LG, the LG G7 ThinQ is actually the first phone under the G series with ThinQ brand. The company added that the new handset features the integration of Artificial Intelligence or AI.


Tech users claim that LG’s ThinQ is the first phone to use the concept of AI. It can be recalled that AI’s integration in the phone started by rebranding the old SmartThinQ smart home appliances. Such technology used exclusively for home appliances now is mainstreamed to LG’s smartphone.



However, the company pointed out that it is not inclined to have its own smart assistant. Such claim is opposite to other OEMs. LG’s claim could be evidenced by the fact that it allows the integration of Google Assistant.


In case you don’t know, LG’s main focus is put unique features on its own AI. These features include, among others, the photography intelligence, smartphone, as well as smart home controls. It must be stressed, however, that LG did not release specifically some details.


What we know so far is that LG is likely to release the G7 ThinQ. This comes after a leaked of the phones official render was published at AndroidHeadlines . And the leaked render confirms that we should expect a taller and slimmer phone.


The G7 ThinQ looks like similar to Samsung Galaxy S9 because of its notch. LG is slated to reveal the handset on May 2 at the Metropolitan West in Manhattan.