Jelly Mario Is Super Mario On A Whole New Level

Super Mario Jelly

This different take on the classic game Super Mario is something you have to experience for yourself.

Super Mario Jelly

If you’re on your computer and have some time to spare, you might want to give this game a try. And if you’re a Super Mario fan, you’ll probably be amused and frustrated at the same time.

Developer Stefan Hedman created a free browser game called Jelly Mario. And as its name implies, it’s like Super Mario but minus all the laws of physics.

The iconic video game, with its simple graphics and precise character movements, is entirely upended with everything transformed into a jelly-like state. Instead of being able to jump and stomp on the enemies, Mario would float and wiggle around the screen like a jellyfish.

And it’s not just Mario who’s been turned into the floppy, jelly-ish state that he is in. The entire game has been transformed including the bricks and the green pipes which bend and twist when you try to jump into them.

You are able to move the character using the arrow keys but don’t expect too much. I have tried several times and it seems that Mario has a mind of it’s own, wriggling and floating on its own.

If you think the free browser game has the iconic Mario tune in it, you’re both right and wrong. The developer did put the music in but with the tempo lowered into an unnerving melody. It also bends and contorts based on how your character is moving on-screen.

Currently, the game consists of the first two levels of the original Super Mario Bros game. Curious? You can play the game here.

Good luck!