How to Download YouTube Videos for Free


How to Download Videos From YouTube For Free

You can now download your favorite videos on YouTube for free. How? Let us learn more about it.

What Are YouTube Videos

YouTube has increased by 6% in 2017, which is the largest number in recent years. This is helpful to those who like watching videos. More than 1 billion people use YouTube everyday. The music videos and movie clips are the most popular content categories.

Among the most subscribed videos, music channel are the “in thing” among YouTube fans. We can then conclude that the YouTube music channels are the most downloaded frequently by YouTube fans.


Discover, Watch And Download Videos

YouTube allows its users to find and watch videos on line. But the online version does not allow the viewers to download videos that they like.

Downloading videos can allow you to watch these offline. There is one very important thing to remember and take into consideration when downloading videos. YouTube copyright -protected videos may have risks when you download them without permission. So it is always safe to accept the terms and conditions being presented to you before downloading videos.

There are methods to find, watch and download videos. Here are some of them:

● A mobile app for Android and iOS is provided by YouTube. Through this app, people may discover, watch and download videos. This app offers mobile subscription features. People can subscribe to YouTube so they can discover, watch and download videos on their mobile devices. This will enable them to watch videos offline.

● Another method is you can take advantage of other video websites. There are several alternatives to watching and downloading YouTube videos. An example is Netflix. If you do not have a YouTube account, you can try Netflix. Through Netflix, you can also find and download videos to your computer. And watch them offline. Google Video is also one service that can let you watch and download videos easily. This also comes with a subscription feature. Amazon can also be used as one of the services where you can watch and download videos . But this comes with a fee. Another service you can try is Hulu. Hulu also comes with a subscription feature. You can also find, watch and download the videos that you have subscribed thru Hulu.

● Download YouTube videos legally and for free using YouTube Go. This is an app for Android devices which enables you to download videos without any problem. It can download videos with options for video quality. It can download videos directly to your mobile without using another software.

● And lastly, you can use the YouTube Red. This is a monthly paid video subscription released by YouTube. You can use this without any hassle as it is released by YouTube.