Google Unveils Awesome To-Do List App Called Google Tasks

(Image Credit: TechCrunch)

Google just introduced Google Tasks, a standalone to-do list app that integrates your tasks along with the new Gmail and Google Calendar.

Google Tasks
(Image Credit: TechCrunch)

Along with Google’s unveiling of the redesigned Gmail (which by the way, is exactly like how the rumours predicted), the online giant also quietly introduced Google Tasks.

As its name implies, it is an app that allows users to create, view and edit tasks and to-do lists. It also includes tasks that created from within the redesigned Gmail and Google Calendar.

The app itself looks like a normal to-do list app, with a bullet list of tasks. Users can create and manage the list on the app and add subtasks if they wanted. The app has a drag and drop feature which makes it very easy to arrange and prioritise each task. Lastly, users can also set a due date for the tasks that you want to be reminded off.

What makes this app very useful is its integration with Gmail.

With the new Gmail design, an expandable sidebar has been added to the right of the screen. This allows users to load widgets of other apps and Tasks is loaded by default along with Calendar and Keep.

When you’re in the middle of composing or reading an email on your computer and need to jot down a task, you can simply click on the Tasks icon and add it in. You can then go to your phone app anytime and the task list is automatically updated to reflect the latest edits.

The app is now available for download for both iOS and Android. I have just switched to the new Gmail layout and downloaded the Google Tasks to try. It’s safe to say that this is going to be my favourite productivity app from now on.