Amazon Is Eyeing Evine Live TV Home Shopping Acquisition

Evine Live

The retail giant is planning on widening its reach into TV home shopping through Evine Live.

Evine Live

It seems like there’s no stopping for Amazon in furthering their reach to customers, from the Internet to the more traditional media. Rumours now point to the retail giant planning to acquire Evine Live, a TV home shopping channel.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Amazon is currently in talks with Evine Live and has shown interest for possible tie-ups.

Evine is the third largest home shopping channel following QVC and the Home Shopping Network. Despite being smaller in size from the two, the channel still has a good reach with 87 million homes broadcasting it. Products are also being sold in its website and app.

Similar to its rivals, the channel sells an array of merchandise and occasionally partners with celebrities who market its goods.

Amazon on the hand, actually tried their hand at home shopping-style streamed online and via mobile. Dubbed the Style Code Live, it had guests offering beauty and health tips while promoting products. The show didn’t have a long run however and was cancelled after only a year.

There are no other details regarding the acquisition including the pricing. Evine Live currently trades in NASDAQ and has a market cap of $53 million. What Amazon is willing to pay for that, we’ll have to wait and see.