Google AI-Driven Microscope Could Detect Cancer in the Future


Cancer Could Be Detected In The Future By AI Driven Microscope from Google

An AI driven microscope could detect cancer in the future. The AI driven microscope from Google could do this.

Google’s AI Microscope

A prototype Augmented Reality Microscope (ARM) platform was showcased by Google. This new modified light microscope can detect breast cancer metastases as well as prostate cancer.

The microscope is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. It enables real-time analysis. Results are directly displayed on the field of view. With the traditional analog microscopes, users need to view the samples through the eyepiece. The magnifications could be between 4 – 40 x and the result is displayed by outlining detected tumor regions with a green contour.

The showcasing of the prototype was made during the talk delivered at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). The prototype came with an accompanying paper “An Augmented Reality Microscope For Real-time Automated Detection Of Cancer” which is now under review. The move is aimed at accelerating the adapting of deep learning tools for pathologists globally.


The ARM platform can be retrofitted into other microscopes as well. This requires low-cost components. With the use of machine learning algorithms, the microscope offers several visual feedback, including text, arrows, contours, heatmaps, and animations.

Both cancer models were originally trained on images from a whole slide scanner. This slide scanner has a significantly different optical configuration. The models performed remarkable well on the ARM with no additional re-training. A Google blog post reads, “Of course light microscopes have been useful in many industries other that pathology. We believe the ARM can be adapted for a broad range of applications”. The applications the post is referring to is in healthcare, life sciences research, and material science.

What The Google Microscope Can do

The Google AI driven microscope can help detect cancer faster. This way, because of faster detection, doctors may be able to prevent, or maybe even cure, cancer. Pathologists view samples of cells on slides. The AI analyzes the cells in the slides through the cameras. It then maps out the cancer cells by drawing lines around the affected area. This highlighting line can be seen by pathologists through an AR display when looking through the microscope. It’s like looking through AR glasses except that the glasses have been integrated.

With this new innovation from Google, a lot of lives may be prolonged, if not saved. This is because if cancer can be detected during its early stages, there is a possibility of it being cured.