Digital License Plates To Be Tested In Dubai Starting Next Month

Dubai Police
(Source: Getty Images)

Dubai drivers may soon be using digital number plates for their cars.

Dubai Police
(Source: Getty Images)

Vehicles have evolved so much ever since they were first invented centuries ago. License plates however, have stayed relatively unchanged. Dubai is planning to challenge that by introducing digital ones according to a report from BBC.

The city will start testing digital “ smart plates” on some vehicles in May. The plates will have digital screens, GPS and transmitters.

According to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, these devices will help improve the emergency response time for crashes or theft. Registration renewal, parking fines and toll fees can also be instantly deducted from the owner.

Sultan Abdullah explains that the test will help determine and address any potential kinks and glitches in the technology. This includes the plates’ ability to withstand Dubai’s intense climate. The final cost for the digital plates would not be known until the trial ends in November.

However, concerns on privacy are being raised because the smart plates are fitted with GPS. This allows the transport authorities to track drivers location anytime. There is also a potential for hacking since transport authorities are able to change license numbers remotely.

The smart plates are part of Dubai’s continued effort to become an international technology hub. Last year, the city announced their plans to use drone taxis as well as high-speed Hyperloop pods for transportation.