Daisy: Take Apart Your Dead iPhone With This Apple Robot


Meet Daisy: A Robot Which Takes Apart Your Dead iPhone

Daisy can take apart your dead iPhone. Apple has developed an automated robot whose task is to take dead iPhones apart.

What Daisy Can Do

Garbage is a universal problem. Be it plastics, glass, paper, all these contribute to the growing problem of wastes worldwide. This new development is Apple’s contribution to at least minimize the waste problem of the world. A dead iPhone is an addition to this garbage problem. What more if there are millions and thousands of dead phones.

Our dead smartphones have tons of plastic, glass and glass in them. What Daisy does is take apart your iPhone and recycles usable parts.

How Daisy Looks Like

Apple’s latest iPhone-recycling robot is a big mechanical arm. It is capable of taking apart 200 smartphones in one hour. Apple claims that their latest iPhone-recycling robot is more efficient than other automated recycling robots.

More information About Daisy

Daisy replaces an old recycling robot called Liam. This older robot used to be an iPhone recovery robot. Some of the parts used on the new robot came from Liam.

Among the valuable materials that Daisy can recover from dead iPhones are tungsten and silver. This robot can take apart an iPhone in just 18 seconds. Not only does it just take apart your iPhone. It also sorts our the parts that were taken apart and recovers re-usable parts and valuable materials.

How Is The New Robot’s Performance

The Cupertino-based robot can break down nine different versions of the iPhone. and could get through 200 per hour. By removing ad sorting components, Apple can recover high-quality materials that traditional recyclers cannot easily get hold of.

Based on this bot’s rate, it can only handle over one million phones a year. This is if based on Daisy’s rate of one phone per 18 seconds and with work uninterrupted. This is a small fraction wen compared to more than 217 million phones Apple sold in 2017.

Apple’s new automated bot removes components such as SIM card trays, screws, batteries, and cameras. These parts are being removed bit by bit and are being recycled by Apple to make better use of them.


Apple’s Plan To Help The Environment

Apple is giving indications that the company is embracing one of its greatest opportunities to help save the environment. This is because of Daisy and its task of recovering valuable and recyclable materials on out iPhones. This will help reduce wastes which can damage the environment.