Biggest Battle Royale Games in 2018


This Year’s Biggest Battle Royale Games

This year’s gamers should watch out for the biggest battle royales ever. The evolution of battle royale games is something we cannot miss. A lot of battle royale games have evolved into better versions of these games. And developers are still experimenting and finding ways to develop them even more for their gamers benefit.

Some battle royale game developers opted for the more traditional ways of developing their games. But to some they chose the modern way or the “in thing”. Today there are battle royale games with virtual reality versions. Spectator elements and dynamic environmental effects are added to some of these games to for the pleasure of its gamers.

List Of Games

Biggest battle royale games

Below are the games which battle royale gamers should watch out for:

1) H1Z1 – this is the battle royale version of the zombie survival sandbox game called Just Survive. This game can be played solo, with a partner, or with a group of five. It’s a last man standing game. It has a mode called auto royale. In this mode players can drive a vehicle and collect power-ups. This is available for PC only but its PS4 and Xbox One versions will be coming soon.

2) SOS – this game’s unique feature is that it requires a microphone. And it will also test your social skills and sense of showmanship. The goal is to find scattered relics and retrieve it. Not so simple though, since you will be competing with 15 more players. This version is for PC only.

3) Paladin’s Battlegrounds – this is a 100-player battle royale standalone expansion of Paladin’s: Champions of the Realm. This version is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It attempts to redefine qualities by introducing mechanics from hero to shooters with myriad playable characters. Each player have their own unique skills and abilities.

4) The Darwin Project – for PC and Xbox One. This is a third -person multiplayer battle royale game. It gives more emphasis on survival than its competitors. Survival means being able to endure extreme weather conditions, tracking and setting up traps for opponents so that you will be the last man standing.

5) Mavericks : Proving Grounds – up to 400 players can enjoy the highly dynamic environment of this game. In this game, you can set up fire to a map tactically spreading it to other parts of the map to either damage other players or cut them off. The game promises a more intelligent mission systems.

These are some of the battle royale games game fans should watch out for this year. There are still more. Just check thee internet for the updates. Have fun playing these games.