iPhone is one of the many products sold by Apple. If you closely observed, inside components of Apple products were provided by various manufacturers. The reason why Apple chose multiple suppliers like Samsung for them to secure lower prices.


LG or Samsung As OLED Supplier?


However, when it comes to OLED, the Cupertino-based tech company would have to settle for Samsung as the sole supplier. This is not the first time that Apple has planned to look for other OLED supplier.


In fact, earlier reports confirmed that Apple wants to have LG as one of the second OLED panels suppliers. Obviously, Apple wants to put LG on board for its 2018 smartphones. Apple’s plan of including LG as OLED supplier surfaced after it launched iPhone X this year.


Rumor has it that Apple is likely to launch two smartphones with OLED screens in 2018. The first iPhone, a successor to iPhone X, is actually a 5.8-inch model while the second device is an iPhone X Plus that boasts a 6.5-inch display.


With this, Apple is expected to pay $97 per OLED display to Samsung for its iPhone X. But this could be negotiated down as LG may likely to be the second OLED supplier for its iPhone.

However, LG claims that it won’t be ready to strike a deal with Apple. LG said that it is not yet ready to hit the July deadline set by Apple. If such admission is true, then Apple would likely to settle with Samsung as OLED supplier this year.