YouTube Mobile Makes Live Streaming Easy


Live Streaming Made Easy On YouTube Mobile

Live streaming will be easier on your gadgets. Google wants to make vlogging on YouTube Mobile as easy and accessible as possible.

Vlogging Made Easy

Google announced its plan to go live on YouTube from a desktop computer or a laptop as easy as a couple of clicks. Just click “Go Live” in the YouTube header to start. No need to install or set-up the live streaming encoder. Google will make it easier.

Where It Can Be Used

This new way to live streaming can be used on your desktop computer and your laptop. But good news to everybody, it can soon be used on your Android phones straight from its camera app. Yes, the stock camera app. There’s a catch, however. It will only be initially available only on devices from Google’s partners.

Google’s Partners

Google currently teamed up with Asus, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and LG. This is to bring easy YouTube live streaming to smartphones. But the list of partners is expected to grow in the coming months.

There are cases where direct YouTube functionality is not imbedded in every manufacturer’s stock camera app. If this is the case, the “Go live” is still available in the YouTube app.

Live Stream From Your Browser

YouTube has a way to lure people away from broadcasting like Twitch. And in an easier way at that. One can live stream directly from your web browser with virtually no effort. You will need to use Chrome for now, but other browsers are coming. You would prefer to go live on your phone.

It will be easier there in the future

App developers are always thinking of means and ways to improve existing apps. More so, they never stop to experiment and develop new apps. All these effort and hard work are for us, the users. They try to give us better, if not the best, apps that we can use.

The apps we are enjoying now are products of hard work. Intelligence, creativity, imagination , and the drive to come up with a good product is what these developers do. Life is easier and more fun now with the help of these apps and gadgets. That is, provided they are used properly.