Windows 10 Privacy Controls Should Avoid “Keylogger” Concerns


Keylogger No Longer a Probem for Windows 10

Microsoft is finding and doing ways to improve its service to the pubic. One of these is to improve Windows 10 privacy controls. But people are complaining that Windows 10 has a built-in “keylogger”. This concern came up because the system uses typing data to improve autocompletion, next word prediction, and spelling correction.

The company is conducting studies and tests to improve this and solve whatever problems may crop up. But technology is a complex field. A lot of problems and complications may arise in developing and improving programs and the like to be able to cater to the needs of its users. Microsoft is developing new ways to improve Windows 10. One of these is the Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer. This Include the overview of data being sent to Microsoft servers by Windows 10. This will help data users to improve the operating system and make production decisions.

Microsoft is making these privacy changes to address the problems they have encountered. Most of the concerns they have faced is with the collection of data. Some countries have voiced their concerns andd ordered Microsoft to stop tracking Windows 10 users. Because of these concerns Microsoft did some changes to improve its services especially with Windows 10 users.

Tests are being conducted by the company. They are waiting for feedbacks and reactions from Windows 10 users.

These feedbacks and reactions will enable them to analyze the changes made properly.

Analysis from these feedbacks will be their guide to improve and develop their programs. These developments and changes will hopefully lead to a better service from Microsoft.

Whatever changes the company might be doing to their programs, they assure their users that it will be for the better. They are only going with the tide as technology improves every now and then. The protection and satisfaction of their users is the sole reason why Microsoft never stops finding new and updated ways to improve their services. So we can safely say that the company will not jeopardize its users privacy and welfare.