Alexa Is Letting Out Evil Laughs Without Warning and Reason


A lot of people are complaining about Alexa

The complaints show that most probably Alexa is malfunctioning. How can you explain Alexa’s sudden laughter? And not just an ordinary laughter but according to complainants Alexa’s laughter is “eerie”.

Imagine yourself having this assistant at your home. On a quiet, stress-free moment. All of a sudden somebody laughs a demonic laugh. How would you feel? Naturally you will either be frightened or angry most especially if your peace and quiet was disturbed. What if children were the ones who heard Alexa’s laughter? If adults get frightened, how much more these kids. Worse, it may even result to trauma on the children.

Can we do something about this problem with Alexa? If so, what can we do about it? Alexa’s maker is Amazon. Because of these posts and complaints from the users, Amazon is now well aware of the problem.

Owners have been assured by Amazon that they are doing everything to address the problem. Amazon is studying the problem. They are trying to trace and locate what caused Alexa’s malfunction. Their initial remedy to the problem is to change Alexa’s command of “Alexa, laugh” to “Alexa can you laugh”. Amazon came up with this solution because according to them Alexa probably misinterpret what she hears. Along with this new command for her, they will also revise Alexa’s reply.

Amazon said that instead of Alexa laughing right away when commanded to laugh, she will have to reply “Yes I can laugh” followed by her laughter.

Hopefully, this solution that Amazon came up with will help solve the problem of Alexa’s uncalled for eerie laughter.

Having gadgets and patronizing modern technology is a great help to us. Especially if you have a dynamic and fast-paced lifestyle. But with these technologies come the reality that we have to face. That there is a probability that these gadgets may malfunction.

Nevertheless, let us just be positive and use technology properly. Modern technology is meant to improve our lives. They are supposed to be aids for our improvement and success.