Turn Your Phone Into A Working Game Boy


Do You Want to Turn Your Phone into Something Else?

Turn your phone into a working Game Boy. How? There is this new case which can turn your iPhone into a working Nintendo Game Boy. This £18 case has 10 pre-loaded classic retro games and slots at the back of your handset.

If you miss retro gaming action then you should have this case. You can now play these classic retro games using your smartphones. This case snaps onto the rear of Apple’s handsets, from iPhone 6 to the iPhone X. It comes loaded with 10 classic retro games like Snake, Tetris, Formula One Racing and Block. It also has the Game Boy look.
But beware. This dos not seem to appear like an original Nintendo product. Meaning its copyright may not be legit. Wanle’s case is not the first Game Boy accessory. There was Hyperkin’s Smart Boy before.

The £38 Game Boy shaped smartphone dock started off as an April Fool’s Day prank. People loved it so much that after two years, in 2017, it became a full-fledged product.

You can play Game Boy classics using Wanle’s case without blocking your iPhone’s ports, buttons, and screen. This is very popular among Game Boy classic games fanatics, especially the casual gamers. It does not cover your iPhone buttons. So gamers can enjoy playing using this device without any hindrance to their phones.

Wanle’s case makes us nostalgic.

We can now enjoy those well-loved Game Boy classic games which we thought were already forgotten. It brings out the children in us. It makes us remember those times when we were still young and enjoying these classic retro games. And we can introduce them to our kids. It will let them experience the things we used to enjoy doing when we were young. Who knows, they might like these simple uncomplicated games of long ago.

This is a very convenient device since it does not cover or affect you iPhones functions. It does not cover your phone’s screen, buttons, port, microphone and others. And it has its own screen.
So check out this iPhone accessory, Wanle’s case. It costs half the price of a Smart Boy at £24.95.