Microsoft Surface Pro Review


Microsoft Surface Pro review: a power-packed performance and a pen that works great.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a 2 in 1 computer that offers the best of both a laptop and a tablet. The Service Pro was I vented to put an end to the ever debatable topic of as to which is better the tablet or the laptop.

All seems to be becoming history now over the past couple of years with the Microsoft’s Service and Apple’s iPad Pro, both tablets that are as good or even better than a conventional laptop.

Redmond was well aware of the tablet surge around the world. The Surface Pro is his solution. Microsoft did not think of mobility and portability. Its users would like it to work like before and not ruin their work performance and productivity for the sake of the convenience of mobility.

So Microsoft came up with a full-fledged keyboard. It also comes with a Surface Pen stylus for compulsive note takers and more creative users.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a very powerful device. It can tackle most productive tasks including some amount of video editing quiet comfortably. It does not heat up when you push the tablet to do more. Also, it does not lag up when you use the stylus pen to sketch or just do some doodles.

The Surface Pro offers more input options, depending on the situation you are In. The tablet mode allows you to access through a touch screen or use the stylus pen if you want to be creative.

There is also the superb keyboard in Alcantara material if you want to write, and of course the superbly designed and expensive Microsoft Surface Arc mouse.

All these combine to male the Service Pro a very powerful device. It has a quality PixelSense Display and is great for consuming video and is bright enough to be used outside. The battery is good enough to make you last through the entire work day.

The device also has a front camera for your video calls and a rear camera for taking photos or scanning documents. The Surface Pro has everything you need to be productive.