Train to Busan Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Version Of Train To Busan

A virtual reality of the thriller movie Train To Busan is said to be a possibility. This movie has awed almost all of those who have watched it.

All About the Movie

Train to Busan is a zombie apocalypse action thriller movie. It has mesmerized a lot of movie goers not only in Asia but around the world. It is about a train travelling to Busan whose passengers got infected by a virus which caused them to become zombies. But of course there are others who were not infected. It ended with the father of a little girl, who were among those not infected, sacrificed and made himself bait for the zombies to save his daughter and the other survivors.

train to busan

Virtual Reality Project

Train to Busan, a Pan-Asian hit film, is to be adapted as a virtual reality property. It may be delivered as a location- based entertainment, as well as a virtual reality video game.

Contents Panda said that it had signed a contract with Singapore’s Vividthree Productions to adapt the zombie thriller. Contents Panda is the world sales arm of South Korea’s Next Entertainment World.

According to Vincent Kim, president of Contents Panda, this movie is an example of how a well-made film has the scalability to be developed into multiple forms.

“We believe in the possibilities because “Train To Busan”, a film that has mesmerized audiences in Asia and beyond, deserves to be adapted in a multisensory format. That would allow fans of the film to experience the zombie apocalypse action thriller in virtual reality”, said Charles Yeo, CEO of Vividthree.

The development of the virtual reality sector is being funded by the financial support given by the Singapore government. This movie is by far the highest-grossing film in Singapore. Contents Panda said that Vividthree will launch a static show in Singapore and Malaysia. And that they may expend it globally.

Additional Information

Separately, “Train To Busan” is also said to be remade as an English-language feature film. This endeavor will be made possible through the French studio Gaumont.