League of Legends players are about to join in another Clash tournament. This comes after game developer Riot Games requested the League of Legends players for a tournament.


In case you don’t know, League of Legends has a new tournament mode called Clash. Under this gaming mode, players can assemble together a team. Players would take on opponents by winning prizes as well. And for players who are planning to join the Clash tournament test, it would start on March 21.


Riot Games’ Clash tournament


Riot Games said that players who participated in the Clash tournament would receive a three-win XP boost on their main account. Avid fans of the game claim that this is the first time that the game developer has extended this offer.


Moreover, the game developer further said that the game’s test aims to check a bug that is reportedly affecting the game mode’s champ select sequence.


In a statement, said Ben “Riot Draggles” Forbes of the League Boards said: “I’ll cut to the chase: there’s a major bug we’re trying to track down, and we need a crap ton of players to help us find it.”


“You need to be online on PBE this Wednesday, March 21 at 3:30 pm PDT to play. To make it worth your while, everyone who participates will receive a 3-win XP boost on their main account,” Forbes pointed out.


Meanwhile, getting a reward is so easy if you would play Clash games after getting a boost. This can be done if you have a select PBE friends that could round out your team. Apart from this, Riot Draggles mentioned about a PBE Discord channel.