Reolink Go: Wireless Mobile Rechargeable HD Security Cam at Indiegogo


Reolink Go, an HD Security Camera currently sold in the U.S., the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, and Australia is wire-free, mobile, and rechargeable; features that make it one of the most innovative in the market. Crowdfunding on Indiegogo starts late March 2018 and the fact that it is supported by telecommunications giants AT & T and Telstra (with more mobile service providers to come) makes it attractive to investors.

“Wire-Free Security Solution on the go with no wifi and no power outlets”

Reolink Go is one of those inventions whose concept is so fundamental that it makes you wonder it hasn’t hit the market any sooner than it did. It operates on 4G-LTE network and is perfect for situations where you want a security solution without the hassles of a wired or corded system. If you hate messy cabling, this is definitely the security camera of choice.

But clearly, the foremost advantages are its ability to operate in areas where with limited WI-Fi access and no electricity.

Reolink Go can be as mobile as you are – take it while traveling or make it your low-maintenance sentinel even in remote areas or sites without power.



It’s perfect for homes, boats, trucks, construction sites, depots, farms, and practically any place you wish to keep an eye on but could not do in the past because of constraints.





And there’s more to love aside from its long-lasting per charge battery that saves you money and is eco-friendly. When connected to a Reolink Solar Panel, your surveillance system can now run on natural, non-stop power and is totally freed from needing electricity!

You also get to capture image and videos with amazing clarity and vividness thanks to Reolink Go’s “Starlight Vision”. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the camera can capture images with amazing detail even in low light conditions up to a distance of 33 feet or roughly 10 meters.

A fully functional surveillance camera, it is easy to install and economical since it does not require expensive electrical wiring or phone cabling. It can monitor what you want to see – especially when you aren’t around to physically keep your site from intruders.


You can be traveling or sipping pina colada somewhere else and have the confidence that Reolink Go is keeping an eye. Of course, it can’t actually prevent a home invasion or catch critters poaching your produce – but that’s another story. With its capacity for motion detection and 2-way audio, you can design other security measures for alerting the authorities.

So go ahead and monitor, protect, secure, watch, and supervise from just about anywhere!

Tech specs:

The specs are what you would absolutely expect from high-end cameras starting from its Sony CMOS, night vision (Starlight), motion sensor, 2-way audio, and an impressive range of motion. Weatherproowaterproof-proof, it can operate equally well in sub-zero regions and the tropics. Large storage capacity and an unbelievable standby battery life of 1-2 months make it indeed a reliable companion.

  • Resolution – 1080p (1920 x 1080)
  • Image Sensor – Sony STARVIS CMOS Image Sensor
  • Night Vision – Starlight Night Vision (Up to 33 Feet)
  • PIR Motion Sensor – Yes
  • Outdoor/Indoor – Weatherproof
  • Two-Way Audio – Yes
  • Motion Detection – Yes
  • Angle of View – 130°
  • Free App – iOS, Android
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 55℃
  • Storage Type – External Micro SD Card
  • Storage – Up to 64GB
  • Internet Connection Type – 4G-LTE Mobile Network
  • Mobile Service Providers Supported – AT&T, Telstra (More to Be Updated)
  • Battery Type – 18650/3.6V/7800mAH Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Battery Life (Standby Mode)- 1 – 2 Months
  • Warranty- 2 Years