Software giant Microsoft has released two Windows 10 previews this week for personal computers. The company said the two Windows 10 previews build include support for High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format.


But PC users found it unusual for Microsoft to release two builds on the same day. The same observation echoed by Microsoft users enrolled in the Windows Insider program. They, however, noted that this happened just a month ago.


The reason why Microsoft released two builds on the same it’s because they had developed two updates for the latest Windows OS . According to Microsoft, the first update they developed is actually intended for the RS4 branch. The RS4 branch actually represents the upcoming Windows 10 update.


In case you don’t know, Microsoft is planning to ship the first build come April. While the second build for RS5 which also represents another Windows OS update is expected to arrive later this 2018.


Also, PC users claim that Windows 10 is actually different from the previous Microsoft operating system. They claim that Windows 10 has been constantly update to fix bugs and the same time, offers new features as well.


To date, there were already four updates that Microsoft had released namely: the November update, Anniversary update, Creators update, and Fall Creators update, respectively.

Windows 10 build 17123


Microsoft’s RS4 build actually adds support for HEIF. The HEIF supports encoding of various image sequences, and image collections too. It acts as an image container of modern codecs to improve the image quality, compression of JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats.