Nintendo has rolled out an update for its gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. The update allows hybrid console users to add Facebook and Twitter accounts to their friend’s list.


The new feature comes with the release of Nintendo 5.0 update which fixes the bugs in the operating system. The update also includes some parental features.


Here’s what you need to know about Switch update


So how does the Nintendo Switch’s new feature works? The Nintendo Switch update allows you to suggest to various Nintendo Accounts. However, this only works if you are linking to social media users who are over 13 years old.


Apart from this, the Nintendo Switch update is bringing 24 new Arms and Kirby user icons. And if you are any of the Switch users who buy a game using your own PC or mobile phone, it would download at a faster speed even the devices are asleep.


The newly released update also fixes the problems encountered by Switch users like hiding the older play activity data. The update also adds a notification, especially when you pre-ordered a game that has been unlocked.


Moreover, one of the highlights of the Nintendo Switch update is the improved parental controls. The update gives parents the ability to enter PIN entry. Nintendo said the PIN entry can now be operated using both the stick and button.



Previously, the PIN entry can be operated only through an on-screen keyboard as well as some game titles which are outside of the device’s software settings.