Glitch of Nintendo Switch is Being Resolved


The Resetting Glitch of the Switch is Almost Fixed

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles nowadays. It celebrated its first anniversary recently. But uses of the Switch were quite unhappy because a glitch happened. They noticed that their playtimes were deleted from the system.

The resetting of these playtimes is just temporary according to Nintendo. A representative from the company announced that an update is already on its way.

“Some Nintendo Switch owners’ play activity info is displaying incorrectly, but play activity is still being recorded accurately in the background,” Nintendo said on Twitter. “A future system update will resolve this issue [and] ensure play time data is correctly displayed. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The said glitch was first experienced after the console’s first anniversary. The play was seen as “first played 0 days ago” which gave the Switch owners fright. They thought that the system just records gameplays for a year.

According to Switch, the reset takes about 10 days. It’s the same number of days before your results show up in your Switch profile. Users need not worry about the reset because it’s not permanent.

While the activity info on the Nintendo Switch wasn’t displaying correctly the console was still recording in the background. Reasonably, many feared the data was lost and any evidence of those long Zelda play sessions was gone.

With the assurance from the company itself, we won’t have to be too worrisome about this glitch. Let’s just wait for Day 11 since the said reset and watch our playtime records come back to normal.

After resolving this issue, both the company and the users can continue celebrating Nintendo Switch’s first ever birthday. Just be patient and wait for the glitch update then enjoy playing to your heart’s content.