Avid fans of Fortnite Battle Royale could now download the game’s limited-time event called the Blitz mode. For gamers who actually tried the Blitz mode, they described their experience as awesome.


In fact, they gave them a good impression. Fornite fans branded the game as both fast and aggressive as it expands on smartphones.


Blitz mode gameplay


Just like any other traditional game, Fortnite’s Blitz mode is similar to the game’s traditional four-person squad. A player would start each match with a storm circle that was formed on the map. When a player was dropped on a certain island, the game’s countdown begins when the circle started to shrink.

Fornite Map

Also, game matches begin with action with 100 players starting to descent in various towns. These towns are within safe zone so there would be no problem with that. Another aspect to note is that the game mode is intended for a quick session.


This means players can actually have an enough break. Game matches have been allotted to have a 15-minute time limit. As said earlier, the storm circle is shrinking rapidly from the very beginning.

Epic Games

However, the game’s actual matches are actually short, unless, you win the game. This is possible though considering the game offers a variety of weapons and gear.


Regarding resources, the limited game mode is, in fact, doubling your harvestable resources. By doing so, you would be able to maintain a faster pace. It also increases treasure chests, loot boxes but decreases the time between supply drops, among others.