Nimbus Data has announced this week the world’s biggest solid-state drive. The company has publicly disclosed the ExaDrive DC100 that offers 100TB storage capacity. This means that you can store a lot of files in the new SSD.


Nimbus Data said that its latest SSD is being sampled with few customers. The company also announced that ExaDrive DC100 would be released to the general public this summer. Hence, you can expect that this device will be hitting computer shops and online retail stores sooner.

ExaDrive DC100

ExaDrive DC100, according to the company, is using 3D NAND which allows you to store movies, songs, files and other data. Obviously, Nimbus Data’s ExaDrive DC100 has dethroned its rival, Samsung.


It can be recalled that Samsung has bragged its SSD offering only 30 TB. Now, the ExaDrive DC100 offers a lot of storage capacity. For context, you can store 20 million songs, and 20,000 HD movies. That’s a lot of space as if you are bringing your own PC.

Unlimited endurance


What’s amazing with this new SSD is that it uses 85 percent of power per terabyte. And you can expect that an SSD with 50TB storage capacity will be sold too. The company offers only a five-year warranty, and it guaranteed “unlimited endurance” for a period. The SSD also has a mean time of failures for about 2.5 million hours, respectively.


Regarding the price, Nimbus Data has yet to release details about the price. However, the company made it clear that the price would be competitive with other SSDs sold in the market.