Owning an Oculus Go, the Facebook’s virtual reality headset is not a cheap piece of hardware. Now the company has released Oculus Go for only $199. The Go is actually the Oculus’ third product release to date.


Oculus Go Headset


Oculus’ Go is a device intended for mobile Gear VR. Although it occupies a similar niche, it offers an affordable price for a very limited VR experiences. Why limited? Because like a Gear VR, Oculus Go does not track the full movement. It works only by rotating the head via a small remote control. In short, this single device is convenient, optimized and accessible to use.


To use the device, pressing the power button turns on the Oculus Go device. The device is not beholden to whatever updates installed in the device, according to gamers. Gamers who were able to use the device described the headset as high quality when compared to the Rift. It also offers games the comfort they needed.

Oculus Go


Other gamers claim that Oculus Go outperforms the first-gen Google Daydream View headset. Furthermore, they also lauded the device’s “facial interface” for being spongey and breathable. What’s also good about the Oculus Go is that it fits with glasses.



Having said that, the device has an aggressively nondescript after it partnered with Xiaomi. It has a gray colored headset, ports and buttons, and a gray head strap. Oculus said that the device’s design and the concept were inspired by Oculus Rift.



Go’s side and front panels seam actually make the headset look cheaper. We are still clueless about Go’s internal specs. It is also difficult to test the performance of the device in a controlled demo environment. What is certain though is that the device works well with other Gear VR games.