VLC 3.0 Supports 8K, Chromecast and HDR


VLC 3.0 update now supports 8K, Chromecast, HDR and more

There’s a new update on one of the best software there is, the VLC 3.0. And it supports 8K, Chromecast, HDR and adds a number of useful features. VLC is an open-source software that is very lightweight, stable and compatible to use in mostly playing back pirated movies.

The VLC 3.0 “Vetinari” update gives us a lot of useful and incredible features.

Here are VLC’s newest features:

1. It has HDR10 support.
2. It does HD audio passthrough.
3. It is hardware accelerated on all platforms. It gives us enough horsepower to do both 4K and 8K playback on regular phones and computer.
4. It can Chromecast videos that are not originally supported by Chromecast.
5. It also works with Blu-ray Java menus.
6. It’s even optimized for the iPhone X’s notch.
7. And lastly but the most important, it adds support for HD DVD .evo files.

VLC developers claim that on Windows computers, their app uses less computing power. They’ve actually compared it to Microsoft’s own Movies app! They also said that adding the Chromecast on this newest update has been on the works for a while now.

The VLC team essentially reverse engineered casting to make it work from computers. Although Google doesn’t officially support casting from desktop computers.

There was a brief test Friday morning showing that the app was able to cast from a Mac to both Chromecast equipped TV. And as well as a Chromecast Audio device. Cast support on iOS devices will be added to VLC in the coming weeks.

The team behind the famous VLC launched 3.0 Vetinari update on Friday. Adding Chromecast support to both mobile and desktop versions of the software. And not only that, it includes HDR and 8K video playback and not to mention the 360-degree video.