Electronic Arts (EA) has announced on Tuesday that its popular Dead Space, a 2008 sci-fi horror game is now available on PC for free. This means that Dead Space fans can download the popular game from Origin. Dead Space is EA’s newest “On the House” game of the gaming studio.


EA’s Next Free PC Game Now Available For Download


What’s amazing with this opportunity is that players who downloaded Dead Space can keep the game forever. This scheme is the same with the previous On The House titles, according to EA.



But the only minor problem is that players won’t know if a game is out of the cycle already. This is because EA, as practiced, do not announce the On The House titles cycle out. Thus, players should download the game right now as long as it is available.


Unknown to many, the acclaimed 2008 sci-fi horror game, is actually EA’s first free game in On The House. The game studio’s freebie campaign started back in 2014. And Dead Space, is the first game title to have two runs in the On The House.



Also, the game was in the Origin Access free game library available on PC. So, if a player subscribes to the Origin Access service, they could play the game for free as of the moment. Dead Space was first released on Xbox 360, and the game can also be played on Xbox One via a backwards compatibility.