Rumors have it that Sony is likely to unveil a new Sony Xperia phone at the Mobile World Congress this month. This new speculation surfaced after Sony released a new teaser video.


Avid Sony users spotted the teaser video in a tweet posted by the official Xperia account. Details sourced from the video show that a hand and ripples cascading down. This hints that a device will be announced come February 26.


Sony hints new Xperia phone to be unveiled at MWC

But gadget enthusiasts claim that Sony’s leaked and promotional videos indicate that Sony is expected to debut a new flagship at this year’s MWC. They have not named the new phone, but they are certain that it would be added to the Sony Xperia product lines.


Obviously, Sony is good at building a product anticipation. While most of the people are checking Samsung Galaxy s9, Nokia, among others. Previous years, the company had missed and hit regarding launching their devices in the competitive market.


One of Sony’s best strategy to keep a captured market is to cast a wide net. By doing so, they would be able to know who among the customers are taking a bait. Hence, Sony is launching several devices and eventually know what device is doing well.


Having said that, what we know so far is that Sony would likely announce a new Sony Xperia XZ2at the MW. And as expected, the company’s new flagship would have powerful features.