Fortnite fans are waiting for the in-game season. This means that fans would be able to get a new Battle Pass. The game’s Battle Pass would be available only for the Battle Royale game.


But for beginners, they are actually excited to buy the Battle Pass in the Fortnite. And when starters bought the Battle Pass, it comes with emotes, outfits, special gliders, among others.


Fortnite’s New Battle Pass


In fact, Epic Games has posted in the game’s forum this week about the Season 3 Battle Pass. The game developer revealed that Fortnite fans would be getting 76 items. These items include outfits, emotes, gliders, banners, pickaxes, among others.


Also, the game developer had announced earlier that the game’s Season 3 Battle Pass. The game’s Season 3 Battle Pass will be priced at 950 V-Bucks. Epic Games said the Season 3 Battle Pass would be sold for $10. It was actually the same price for previous Battle Passes.


Also, players can also buy the game’s Battle Bundle. The bundle includes the game’s Battle Pass including the first 25 tiers for 2,800 V-Bucks. This will be sold for $25 and the developer, however, noted that V-Bucks could be acquired when players play the usual gameplay progression.


And as players progress in the game’s new season, they could actually unlock several reward tiers with additional gaming items. Players are informed that the game has30 tiers in all.


However, Epic Games said that players could get all these items in the same amount of time-75-150 hours -as Season 2’s Battle Pass. Fortnite’s Season 2 commenced back on December 14 and will run until February 20, with Season 3 kicking off in the coming days.